CDAO NZ - The calm in the storm: Data infrastructure in a COVID-19 world - Day 1 Track A - Session 3Speaker: Kevin Sweeney, Principal Advisor - Data Leadership & Capability, Stats NZ

CDAO NZ - Spark’s Data Cloud Journey With Snowflake - Day 1 Track A - Session 1Speaker: Peter Langham, Domain Chapter Lead, Spark New Zealand

CDAO NZ - Presentation Building Sustainable Data Governance and Data Intelligence with erwin - Day 1 Session 3Speaker: Sam Benedict, Vice President of Solution Strategy, erwin

Technology is helping enterprise data leaders break down analytics silos and empower staff to analyze data without compromising on data governance

Great data storytelling ensures data-driven insights drive the right business decisions. Forward-thinking enterprises are making sure staff at all levels have the skills they need to understand and tell compelling stories with data

Carlos Rivero, Chief Data Officer of the Commonwealth of Virginia discusses how his team built a better data governance framework to help address the State’s opioid epidemic

Leading Nordic businesses are investing in strong data foundations to supercharge data initiatives and get analytics into the hands of decision-makers in real-time

Thanassis Thomopoulos, Head of Global Marketing and Commercial Analytics at eBay Classifieds Group, outlines how Apple’s ‘transparency framework’ and the looming death of cookies will affect his teams’ approach personalization

Has the ‘data offense, data defense’ distinction run its course? Panelists at this year’s CDAO Financial Services Europe event argued for a more holistic approach to balancing risk and compliance with data-driven innovation