CDAO NZ - National Ethics Advisory Committee Perspective:: Data ethics and contact tracing - Day 1 Track A - Session 2Speaker: Nic Aagaard, Principal Advisor, Ethics, Quality Assurance and Safety, Health System Improvement and Innovation, Ministry of Health. Dr Vanessa

CDAO NZ - International Keynote Presentation: Culture is King - Fostering a Culture of Excellence in Data and Analytics - Day 1 Session 1Speaker: Vipin Gopal, PhD, VP, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Eli Lilly and Company (USA)

CDAO NZ - Be Data-Driven: The Power of Data Literacy - Day 1 Session 2Speaker: Jordan Morrow, Global Head of Data Literacy, Qlik

Syed Sameer Rahman, Director of Insight and Data Science at The Royal Mint, discusses how companies can start developing better business models with data

Laura Spencer, Head of Data and Analytics at Sendle shares her tips on implementing analytics ops for better business productivity and performance

The shift to remote work will endure after last year's 'digital tipping point', and more staff will handle data. But 2020's big success story is automation

Pranav Kapoor, Global Head of Decision Analytics Audit Innovation at Manulife, discusses how he’s evolving the insurance firm’s audit function to support continuous auditing and advanced analytics

Great data storytelling ensures data-driven insights drive the right business decisions. Forward-thinking enterprises are making sure staff at all levels have the skills they need to understand and tell compelling stories with data

Maria Tarasidou, Global Data Program Manager at Facebook, argues that legacy companies should follow the example of big tech to succeed with data-driven business transformation