In this week's clubhouse host Christie Hattersley talks with data leaders about their challenges surrounding the future during the 30-minute fight club.

Goldman Sachs Executive Director Lin Yue is a first-generation immigrant to the UK. She shares how her experiences in a foreign country have shaped how she applies data to business challenges

Vineet Kumar, former Director of Analytics and Data Science at GoDaddy, shares how and why he helped the company to move beyond business performance insights to provide ‘customer outcome’ insights

Data visualisation is enabling us to tell compelling stories with data. But we need the right staff, with the right skills and tools to fully utilise it. This episode will consider how enterprise data visualisation capabilities evolved over the past

Analytics has changed in its role in many organisations, and will continue to change as technology and skills advance. Join us for this episode where we deep dive into the common challenges and opportunities of the changing role of analytics. Guests:

Delivering real and impact business value is the holy grail for data analytics leaders. This episode will discuss the power of data innovation, as a driver of digital transformation, in improving operational efficiencies and generating increased revenue to boost the

Business intelligence (BI) governance can be intimidating for many large enterprises. Users have access to multiple tools and content, and establishing a uniform layer of governance on top of a heterogeneous environment is a daunting task. This episode will discuss

There can be significant challenges in applying advanced analytics solutions and insights into the business. This episode will cover the most common challenges and strategies to overcome them. Craig will also share his thoughts on the key ingredients in developing,

There are pre-requisites for a business culture that allows for data to have an impact. In this episode Matt will offer insights into developing the Blackmore Group data platform, using an agile operating model and dynamic methodologies to have a